Stippling of Hands

Stippling of Hands

Last night there were numerous children out collecting candy for Halloween. What I noticed most was how the youngest were always holding the hand of an adult. Usually I draw faces; however hands and gestures can be equally expressive.

Tiny Handprints

Author Unknown

Tiny handprints grow so fast

 Their awkward groping soon will clasp

 A ball, a book a sweetheart’s hand

 A diploma, briefcase, a wedding band

Tiny handprints grow so strong

 It doesn’t take them very long

 To snap a shirt, to paint, to draw

 To work hard, to drive a car

Tiny handprints grow to be

 A person that is quite unique

 A wonderful mix of so many things

 With his own feelings, thought and dreams

Tiny handprints grow to rely

 On his parents to bring him up just right

 His parents pray that when he’s grown

 He’ll say their job has been well done

Tiny handprints are ours to love

 The sweetest gift from God above

 A miracle that never is surpassed

 How sad they grow up way to fast.


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