"Bundled Up"

"Bundled Up" 8" x 10", Graphite and Colored Pencil on Paper

“Bundled Up” 8″ x 10″, Graphite and Colored Pencil on Paper

Don’t you love wrapping up in a warm blanket on the carpet after a long day chasing squirrels, tackling chew toys, and…..wait….where IS my chew toy?

Color played another major factor in “Bundled Up.” At first glance a dog may seem white, until you start to study its fur and see the dark accents around the eyes and nose; the tan and pink undertones in the brow. A blanket may seem white, until you start to sketch all its wrinkles and realize that it has numerous shades of tan and blue in the shadows. Even a white carpet is full of different hues.

Of course, this was also a wonderful opportunity to keep playing with texture. The short fur, glistening eyes, and pebbly nose on the dog’s face were a real treat to draw. The wrinkles in the blanket and pattern on the carpet added to the visual interest of the drawing. But for me, this picture was all about the white – or lack thereof.


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