The Portrait of a Cross-dressing Knight

"Chevalier d'Eon" by Thomas Stewart, 1792

“Chevalier d’Eon” by Thomas Stewart, 1792

I love the history of portraiture and how a drawing is worth a thousand words. In one image and artist can portray a person’s economic, social and psychological background.

For example, a cross-dressing knight who blackmailed the French monarchy. Chevalier Charles D’Eon de Beaumont’s portrait, which was recently bought by London’s National Gallery, is definitely worth a double take. You can read the whole story about this man and his portrait HERE.

For me, this is a great example how a portrait can serve as a testament to history and an extraordinary individual. Every person, no matter where they come from or what clothes they wear, has a story. A painting can help show the world who you are, what you believe, and if you can rock a plumed hat complete with a bow.

Well done Chevalier d’Eon. Well done.

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