A Portrait for the Holidays

I know this may seem early, but…

Halloween is over and the Holiday Season is upon us.

Dun dun dunnnnnn!

If you need a present for the pet lover, newly married, family-devoted, art lover- then look no further!

Order a Gift Certificate today! It will fit nicely in a stocking, wrapped in a small box, or slipped inside an envelope. The certificate may be put towards any portrait order! Just send me an email, letting me know how much you want on the card! (Note, expiration date is adjusted to extend 3 months after the delivery date of the certificate.)

LM PostCard General

Or, if you already know what portrait you would like to have drawn (but have run out of time to get it completed), place your order today and receive an Order Certificate. Simply hand over the certificate to create suspense and let your loved one know that they have a present on the way.

Order confirmation certification

Place your order today and relax….your holiday shopping is already done!

For more information, check out all the portrait sizes and prices!

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