Happy Thanksgiving

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


Let’s celebrate this American holiday with a celebrated American artist, Normal Rockwell. This energetic painting features a fun bit of vengeance on behalf of the Thanksgiving main entre, the turkey. Being chased by the fowl is Rockwell’s common scapegoat Cousin Reginald. In all, Rockwell painted 15 covers featuring Reginald and related characters. This painting was the 6th in the series. Reginald was known for having misfortunes caused by his unfamiliarity with “country” ways. This Thanksgiving painting is no different. Maybe the turkey will get away or perhaps the country cousins will lend a hand in gathering the bird for dinner. But in the meantime, let’s enjoy the turkey’s brief triumph and chuckle along with the cousins in the background as Reginald learns the importance of cardio exercise.

Run Reginald. Run.

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