Pet Drawing: Orange Tabby Cat in Corner

"Orange Tabby Cat in Corner" 5" x 7", Colored pencil on Paper, $40

“Orange Tabby Cat in Corner” 5″ x 7″, Colored pencil on Paper, $40


Is it just me, or are cats crazy flexible?! Seriously, cats willingly bend, twist and contort their bodies into strange positions that would really challenge any human being.

This pencil drawings is a celebration of those flexible kitties. With his relaxed face and half-closed eyes, this orange tabby cat is completely at peace with his curled up position. Drawn on orange tinted paper, I let his fur color take prominence throughout the composition as this flexible cat bent his body in half while lounging on a soft blanket.

Want to bring this little contortionist home or give him to a cat-loving friend? Order him by emailing me today!


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