Current Work in Progress: Cat Drawing

Work in Progress: Drawing a cat from several reference images

Preliminary Sketch: The sketch I send to my customer to approve, before I start the final portrait.

Sometimes, a customer doesn’t have one perfect photo of their beloved pet. They have many.

I always encourage my customers to send as many photos as they want of their beloved pet. Every reference image provides a new perspective on facial proportion, coloring, and detail. Also, because many pets are notorious for not sitting still, this puts less pressure on my customer to have one perfect photo to send over.  In the picture above, every reference image is on my computer as the same time, helping me get a sense of the this lovely cat’s style and physical appearance.

The preliminary sketch I create from these reference images is the foundation of the final portrait. This is when I figure out exact facial proportions, composition, gesture, and lighting. It is not a complete, final drawing. However it gives my customer an idea of what the final portrait will look like and gives them an opportunity to provide feedback. Maybe they want the focus to me more on the face, with less body. Maybe they prefer their pet from a different angle. This is when they share invaluable input and help me create the best possible drawing for them.

This work by Artistry By Lisa Marie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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