Pet Portrait: Stunning Spaniel Sits Still!

No really, you have no idea how difficult it is to make some dogs sit still. Sometime, the only way to keep an energetic pup in one place is in a drawing. That’s how you can see this fun dog as more than just a blur of activity! This was a fun dog drawing to […]

Featured Dog Drawing: See Spot – Dalmatian Portrait

I love the negative space in this drawing! The white paper provided the perfect base and is a powerful contrast to the dark details. In some ways it was a struggle to not touch the white paper and add more pencil markings. This was an exercise in self-restraint. Of course the black spots required numerous […]

Have you checked out Dawdling Doodles yet?

Dawdling Doodles is up and running! When I need a break from creating fine art portraits, I turn to my fun cartoon doodles. Go check them out at Dawdling Doodles or follow along on the the Doodles Facebook page. There will be a new drawing every Monday for you! —————— In the mood to shop for some […]

Commission Sneak Peek – Second Layer in Time Lapse!

A sneak peek of the latest commission. After filling in the basic shading, it is time to darken certain areas with the second layer of pencil…Enjoy this time lapse video! —————— In the mood to shop for some artsy accessories for the home and office? Go to Noses N’ Poses! How to customize a product…

Artsy sources concerned about local artist being too productive…

We all know that the stereotypical artist is supposed to be a relaxed laze-about sort of individual who follows their whimsical inspiration wherever the muse should lead. Sadly, the artist at the Artistry by Lisa Marie studio has lost her indolent ways. Though she would prefer to sit dramatically in a large armchair, with a […]

A sneak peek of the latest commission – in time lapse!

A sneak peek of the latest commission. After sketching the general composition, it is time for the first layer of pencil and shadow…Enjoy this time lapse video!

Have a Daily Creative Practice!

Daily creativity helps engage your mind, make you think outside the box, and can be key for stress relief. Many artists have a daily creative practice – just like any skill, if you don’t use it, you lose it. There are two main components to my daily creative practice: draw and move. Every day I […]

Introducing Dawdling Doodles: Playful Art for the Young at Heart

Sometimes, while working on a portrait, I will take a break to create a fun doodle. This small mental break helps me clear my head and return to the pencil portrait with fresh perspective. As a result, I not only have a completed fine art drawing to give my customer, but several new doodles for […]

Share the Adorable-Artsy-Love with this Yorky-Silky Drawing

When you need to add a touch of adorable to your home or send a friend something cute – you can rely on this Yorkie-Silky drawing! A fun little dog portrait with a hint of a smile to charm anyone. Visit the Zazzle store Noses ‘N’ Poses today!

How can you preview new art in your home? Simple!

While perusing the Animal Art Gallery, with all original drawings, you may wonder “Will that drawing look good on the living room wall?” There is a super easy way to answer this riddle. Just send me a photo of your wall! (And the height and width) Yup, thanks to good old fashion technology I can insert […]