Cat Portrait: Cat with Sunflowers

Several weeks ago I showed you a pet portrait of a bulldog with sunflowers. In continuation of that theme, here’s a pencil drawing of a cat with sunflowers. Still playing with borders, this time I added a curling blue ribbon to match the stunning eyes of this beautiful feline. The blue of the border, eyes […]

Throw Back Thursday: A Portrait Talk with Donna Boyle Photography

In case you missed it, last summer the amazing Donna (from Donna Boyle Photography) answered some important questions about portraiture and photography. Take a look below! Portraiture is alive and well! Some love the original work of a drawing while others adore having their fleeting moments captured by a master photographer. One such local photographer, […]

How To Spin That Chalk Trend with Fine Art

Chalk is no longer a lost art. In fact, chalk signs and decorations are everywhere! Seriously, go to Pinterest and look up chalk art. Your eyes will be delightfully bombarded with chalk calligraphy, chalk numbers, and chalk doodles. Part of what makes chalk so fantastic is that it is so versatile. It can look vintage, […]

New Pet Portrait: Bulldog with Sunflowers

I love drawing pets! They have so much personality and charm. But the last couple animal drawings seemed a little lonely. So I decided to try something different and give them some flowers! Let’s be honest, everyone likes to get flowers. This bulldog was a real treat to draw as pencil art! With his eager face and sparkling […]

Fall Fashion Has Arrived at Noses 'N' Poses!

Who doesn’t love to wear beautiful and adorable art? Especially when it will keep you warm as the days get colder! Yup, I am adding cozy clothes to the store Noses ‘N’ Poses! Remember, if you prefer a different color or style, you can customize any product to suit your discerning fashionista needs! Click on […]

16 ways you can craft daily creativity!

I’m a featured artist in the ‘How to Craft a Daily Creative Practice’ eBook by @FortheCreators! Want to learn how to craft a daily creative practice that works for you? Look no further! Get your free copy Staying creative is an important life practice for everyone, not just artists! Peer inside the studio doors of 16 […]

Want an easy way to bring home art and support charity?

Yup the BAG October Show is just around the corner. And this year, the artists are donating to charity! This year I will be donating 50% of every sale to the Women Build Group in the Flower City Habitat for Humanity. Because there is nothing more awesome than a group of women wielding hammers. See below for […]

When does art make a home complete? Always!

I LOVE when customers send photos of their new pencil portraits in their homes! This portrait of Bernini’s “David” was a huge art order and a true joy to draw! When the customer contacted me and told me the history of this particular sculpture for his family, I understood how this was going to be […]

Are you ready for the October BAG Show? It's for Charity!

The BAG (Brockport Artist Guild) show is almost here! Join us at the opening reception October 10, 7-9:00PM to meet the artists, enjoy some delicious food, and buy some art! This is a wonderful opportunity to support some fantastic local causes as well as local artists. Not to mention, this will be a wonderful outting […]

Embrace the Fringe (Arts Festival)

Normally I talk about pencil drawings and portraits from my studio in my blog, but I am TOO EXCITED to not talk about the Fringe Festival! Starting today, the Fringe Festival is a plethora of performing arts/fine arts/independent art awesome-ness! There are some fantastic shows lined up! Some of the ones I am most eager […]