Hurry and Enter the Caption Contest Today!

The caption contest is up on my Facebook Page! Go Check it out here: Post by Artistry by Lisa Marie. Write a caption and ask your friends/family to like it. The comment with the most likes by tomorrow at 12PM (Eastern Standard Time) wins a free art studio gift basket! //  See all the contest rules here! […]

The Caption Contest is TOMORROW! Are you ready?

The cartoon for the caption contest will be posted on my Facebook page tomorrow! Get ready to comment with your BEST captions and tell all your friends and family to “Like” your caption! The comment with the most “Likes” by November 15th at 12:00 PM wins! See rules HERE Gotta love those prizes (provided by […]

How to get a Labrador Puppy When It's Not in the Budget…

This playful Labrador puppy is ready to jump into your home all over your stuff and onto your wardrobe! Yup, the drawing of the “Labrador with Daffodils” is now in the store Noses ‘N’ Poses! So if you just don’t have the time or funds for pet grooming, dog walking, or animal food – just […]

Are you ready to win a free art studio gift basket?

On November 14th you could win a FREE art studio gift basket! Here’s how it works: On November 14th I will post on my Facebook page a cartoon image. “Like” the cartoon image and in the “comment” section under the cartoon, write in your best caption for the cartoon Tell your friends and family to […]

Problem: Out of Wall Space but You NEED Cat Art! Solution…

Cat with Sunflowers is now on Noses ‘N’ Poses! Yes indeed, now there is some cattitude with sultry blue eyes and charming sunflowers on bags, containers, phone cases, and a whole bunch more! ——————————- Maybe you want a custom portrait, created just for you or a loved one! Contact me today to receive a pencil portrait by […]

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and have fun!

Dog Drawing: Labrador Puppy with Daffodils

Head down, butt up, tail wagging and eyes gleaming. It’s the typical pose of a playful puppy! This Labrador Retriever is ready to let loose and wreak havoc on those unsuspecting daffodils! The drawing was made with pastels, a break-away from my typical colored pencil portrait. I had fun using the brighter pastel colors to […]

Beautiful Bulldog Art For You and Someone Special

Several weeks ago I introduced you to the latest dog drawing, the Bulldog with Sunflowers. But not everyone has wall space for a new original dog portrait. Solution: Bulldog with Sunflowers has been added to the online store Noses ‘N’ Poses! Yup, now you can easily own it, wear it, and share it! (Can you […]

Cat Portrait: Cat with Sunflowers

Several weeks ago I showed you a pet portrait of a bulldog with sunflowers. In continuation of that theme, here’s a pencil drawing of a cat with sunflowers. Still playing with borders, this time I added a curling blue ribbon to match the stunning eyes of this beautiful feline. The blue of the border, eyes […]

Throw Back Thursday: A Portrait Talk with Donna Boyle Photography

In case you missed it, last summer the amazing Donna (from Donna Boyle Photography) answered some important questions about portraiture and photography. Take a look below! Portraiture is alive and well! Some love the original work of a drawing while others adore having their fleeting moments captured by a master photographer. One such local photographer, […]