Your Free Art Is Hiding! The Hunt Starts TOMORROW!

Tomorrow at 12:00 pm the first clue will be posted on this site! Figure out the clue. Find the art. Send me a picture proving you have the drawing. There are three sketches hiding around Rochester – so you have 3 chances to win! Every time you find a drawing, your name will be entered […]

Are You Ready to Win Free Art This Weekend?

  The Art Scavenger Hunt starts this Friday! Are you ready to figure out the clues and win free art? You have 3 chances to find three different drawings hidden around Rochester! Every time you locate a sketch, your name will be entered for ANOTHER prize. When you locate a drawing, you must take a […]

3 Ways You Can CONQUER the Scavenger Hunt with Family and Friends

The scavenger hunt is all about having fun (and winning free art)! What better way to dominate the scavenger hunt than with friends and family? Let’s face it, when you have a great team supporting you and having fun – you are already a winner. Here are 3 tips on how you can make this […]

2014 Art Scavenger Hunt: The Drawings

Wondering which drawings escaped the art studio this year? Click on the video below to see the drawings that are hidden around Rochester! Remember, when you find a sketch it’s yours to keep. PLUS – every time you locate a drawing, your name will be entered to win and additional prize! Read more about the upcoming scavenger hunt […]

Save the Date: 2014 Art Scavenger Hunt

Mark your calendars, Google a map of Rochester, and put on your detective hat! The annual Art Scavenger Hunt is coming! Clues will be posted on my site on August 22, 23, and 24th! The first clue on the first day will help you find the first missing sketch, the second clue on the second day […]

Art History Pencil Portrait: Sneak Peek

Maybe you saw the post last week  – that the studio had such a large drawing order, I needed a new wall easel. (If you haven’t seen the awesome video showing it’s installation click HERE.) The large order is a pencil portrait of Bernini’s “David.”  I have done wedding portraits, pet portraits, and family  portraits – but […]

Throw Back Thursday: Portrait Drawing of the Little Lioness

Do you remember when I first posted this pencil drawing? This portrait of a little girl roaring has become a favorite among a lot of my studio customers. So often, family portraits  demand the classic demure pose and polite smile. It was a joy to sketch this little girl roaring. She definitely carries her own […]

The Art Scavenger Hunt Coming This August!

Help! My drawings have escaped again! The annual art scavenger hunt is coming this August! 3 of my sketches have escaped the studio and are hiding around Rochester. Luckily, those pesky drawings left clues so you can find them! Here’s how it works: Clues will be posted on my site, hinting at their location. The […]

Bring Fine Art Into Your Life (Without Breaking the Bank)

This store was created to help customers who wanted copies of my work, but didn’t have a budget for a customer portrait order. Since then, the store has begun to take on a life of its own and now has over 300 products. There are always new fun items that I want to add! For […]

Getting Ready for the Next Big Order

Often when I receive a lot of new orders, I need to buy extra supplies. Sometimes orders are so large I need to have my supplies BUILT! (Aka – Created in my Dad’s garage.) Introducing my new wall easel! The wonderful thing about ordering custom pencil art – is that customers can specify the size […]