How can you buy art on Facebook? Easy!

Art is a fantastic gift and an essential decoration for every home and office. And sometimes, you need to buy it fast! (Ahem, last minute shoppers.) This store makes art shopping easy! Just select the pencil drawing you want and checkout! Your pencil art will arrive matted and with a certificate of authenticity! Since you made it this […]

Art Inspires Art and Beautiful Anniversary Presents

The sculpture of “David,” by Bernini is beautiful, old, big, and pretty much not for sale. So when one husband wanted to give the sculpture to his wife on their wedding anniversary, he had a slight dilemma. Besides the difficulties of actually buying and transporting the sculpture, where on earth would they put it?! That’s […]

This Artist Spent Her Labor Day Sleeping

I hope you all had a fantastic Labor Day yesterday! This artist took a little nap on her day off… ——————————- Studio orders are booked through September! Contact me today to receive a pencil portrait by this Fall! Follow me today on Twitter and Instagram and watch as works of art come to life from […]

Inspired! Great Article on 8 Ways Art Improves Life!

  I love reading articles about art! They inspire me create pencil portraits and also live a better life. But one article I read recently really impressed me. “8 Ways Art Can Improve Your Life” – gave me a refreshing reminder of how pencil drawings can effect other people. Why it’s so important to have […]

So excited to announce the art scavenger hunt winner…

Thanks to everyone who participated in this years art scavenger hunt! And a special thank you to all the local vendors who helped hide the art work! And the winner is…. Click on the video below to see the grand prize and winner! ———————-   Studio orders are booked through September! Contact me today to […]

Are you ready for the third art clue?

No one can keep Wolverine locked up! Hugh Jackman has escaped the studio, but if you find him you may bring him home! (This one if for all you X-Men fans.) He was last seen hanging out with the animals in the pet portrait gallery. UPDATE: Hugh Jackman has been found! Thank you Hedonist Chocolates […]

Are you ready for the second art clue?

Johnny Depp has escaped the studio! If you find him, you can keep him (how often do you get this kind of opportunity?) This actor, also known as Captain Jack Sparrow, was last seen causing a raucous over in the store Noses ‘N’ Poses on this site. UPDATE: Johnny has been found! Stay tuned tomorrow […]

Are you ready for the first art clue?

Art Scavenger Hunt: Clue #1 is for Will Smith Will Smith, that smooth actor, has charmed his way out of the studio and is hiding around Rochester! The first person to find him gets to take him home…well, the sketch. You get to take the sketch of him home. He was last seen chatting it […]

Your Free Art Is Hiding! The Hunt Starts TOMORROW!

Tomorrow at 12:00 pm the first clue will be posted on this site! Figure out the clue. Find the art. Send me a picture proving you have the drawing. There are three sketches hiding around Rochester – so you have 3 chances to win! Every time you find a drawing, your name will be entered […]

Are You Ready to Win Free Art This Weekend?

  The Art Scavenger Hunt starts this Friday! Are you ready to figure out the clues and win free art? You have 3 chances to find three different drawings hidden around Rochester! Every time you locate a sketch, your name will be entered for ANOTHER prize. When you locate a drawing, you must take a […]