Wet Noses Cute Poses Show is TOMORROW!

TOMORROW!   Come see the art show/fundraiser “Wet Noses, Cute Poses“ 20% of every sale goes to Lollypop Farm At the Rochester Brainery from 6-9:00PM, 274 N. Goodman St (in Village Gate) Suite B134 As fun and adorable as this show is, it is in remembrance of the many animals in need of a good home and […]

Wet Noses Cute Poses Show – This Friday!

The Wet Noses, Cute Poses Show is THIS FRIDAY! After months of frantic drawing, matting, cutting, taping, typing, and planning – it all comes down to the reception this Friday, 6-9:00PM at the Rochester Brainery. Stop by to enjoy the art, munch some food, and meet the artist. I’ll be the slightly frazzled looking person […]

Pet Portrait – Puppy Up Close

The Wet Noses, Cute Poses show is 9 days away! This collection of animal drawings includes artwork in a variety of sizes. While several take up more wall space, there is something so precious in the smaller drawings. Just like a real life puppy, this colored pencil study of a puppy close up is small […]

Child Portrait – "Sweet Baby Blues"

Even though all the drawings for the upcoming show (Wet Noses, Cute Poses) are all done – there is no time to rest! Here is the completed drawing for the Too Cute Photo Contest that I held on my Facebook page. The photo with the most votes won. It was a tight race and there […]

Pet Portrait – "It Takes Two"

Here’s the latest pet portrait for the Wet Noses, Cute Poses show! Who says cats and dogs can’t live in harmony? Sure they are different in many ways, but they both can bring joy and warmth into a home. They can cuddle, misbehave, share and play together. This relationship is similar to how art can […]

Preparing for Art Show

So far you’ve only seen all the pretty finished drawings for the upcoming show/fundraiser “Wet Noses, Cute Poses” Here’s a chance for you to see some behind the scenes action! Hover over the images to read the captions….

Enjoy a fun new video!

Let’s get animated! Click on the image below to enjoy a fun video and sneak peek of the show in April

Thank You!

Here’s a heartfelt thanks to all the people and organizations that have helped put together the upcoming show and fundraiser “Wet Noses, Cute Poses.”  Thanks to Rochester Brainery for hosting the event in their wonderful space at the Village Gate! Thanks to Lollypop Farm for allowing this fundraiser and providing all their background information! Thanks […]

Wet Noses, Cute Poses – The Poster

The poster for Wet Noses, Cute Poses has arrived! Yay!!! Keep your eyes open for these ads as you wander around Rochester!  

Pet Portrait Needs a Name!

This little kitty is the latest drawing for the Wet Noses, Cute Poses Show. But it needs a name! What do you think I should call this drawing? It could be an actual name or a word/phrase that best describes the portrait.