The Fastest Way to Bring Fine Art into Your Home! Introducing: Noses N' Poses

Introducing: During my last show, the one comment I heard over and over was that you wanted MORE:  More reproductions of the pencil drawings, more access to art you could easily order, more products that carried images of these works of art. The demand for more was quickly followed by the demand for LESS:  Less time waiting […]

Save the Date! Brockport Artist Guild May Show

The Brockport Artist Guild is pulling together their beautiful drawings, painting, sculptures, and other artist creations to celebrate the annual May Show! Mark your calendars to visit during the opening reception to meet the artists, admire the art and enjoy some delicious food! Date: May 9th Time: 6-9:00pm Where: Different Path Gallery, 27 Market Street, Brockport […]

Don't miss out! Tomorrow is the last day!

Order your favorite drawing from the Wet Noses Cute Poses show right now! Maybe you’re wondering why should you order a one-of a kind-drawing from this show? While you are reading this post, looking at this art, there are animals in need of good homes at Lollypop Farm. 20% of the proceeds from this show […]

Pet Portrait: Pepper

  Shhh! This drawing of Pepper is a surprise present! Sometimes the perfect present is something unique. Something that pulls at the heart strings. “Pepper” is a present, from one sister to another, that brings back happy memories and is a one-of-a-kind reminder of sisterly-love, doggy cuddles, and a family that embraces its furry friends. […]

Happy Easter (Island)!

Ah yes, Easter! During this time, some may pursue the elusive rabbit which magically lays painted eggs filled with chocolate (the physics of this phenomenon boggles my mind). However, I prefer to ponder a different art form related to the word “Easter;” namely, the Moai statues on Easter Island. On this isolated Polynesian island in […]

My First Solo Art show: A Joyous Romp into Madness

What was my crazy thought in 2013? “I’m going to have my first solo art show!” Naturally, the following idea was “Hey while you’re at it, make it a fundraiser for a good cause!”  That was the beginning of my tumultuous journey into gallery scouting, late nights drawing, haphazard lessons in marketing, and chaotic event […]

Order Your Favorite Drawing Online!

To order a drawing from Wet Noses Cute Poses, Email Me today! I will confirm if the drawing is still available and send you a Paypal link. 20% of every sale goes to help Lollypop Farm. All sold drawings will be matted and ready for pickup April 26. Drawings can also be shipped (there’s a shipping fee).  Here are the drawings […]

Wet Noses, Cute Poses: Great opening night!

Thank you to everyone who came out to help make a GREAT opening night for the Wet Noses, Cute Poses show! The drawings will stay up in the Rochester Brainery until April 25th! Come over to enjoy the art and remember 20% of every sale goes to Lollypop Farm!   To see all the drawings […]

Wet Noses Cute Poses Show is TOMORROW!

TOMORROW!   Come see the art show/fundraiser “Wet Noses, Cute Poses“ 20% of every sale goes to Lollypop Farm At the Rochester Brainery from 6-9:00PM, 274 N. Goodman St (in Village Gate) Suite B134 As fun and adorable as this show is, it is in remembrance of the many animals in need of a good home and […]

Wet Noses Cute Poses Show – This Friday!

The Wet Noses, Cute Poses Show is THIS FRIDAY! After months of frantic drawing, matting, cutting, taping, typing, and planning – it all comes down to the reception this Friday, 6-9:00PM at the Rochester Brainery. Stop by to enjoy the art, munch some food, and meet the artist. I’ll be the slightly frazzled looking person […]