Stippling of an Old Man

Usually I work in pencil, but sometimes it is nice to throw in some new medium and technique. Stippling is the creation of an image by using small dots…a LOT of small dots. This technique is similar to pointillism, which is what happens when an artist really wants to play with blending shadows and colors. Stippling […]

Sleeping Cupid Sketch

One of the best ways to study art is to look at the old masters. Take Caravaggio for example. His adept ability to illustrate light and shadow, mixed with his no-holds-barred approach to emotions and gore (see “Judith Beheading Holofernes”), has produced some fantastic artworks. This sketch is based on his painting of “Sleeping Cupid.” […]

And Baby Makes Three…

And Baby Makes Three…

Here is the latest family portrait! The outfits of the mother and daughter were adjusted to match the father’s uniform, creating the sense of a family unit. I particularly enjoyed drawing the daughter’s chubby cheeks. Naturally, when you have a group sitting in a somewhat static pose and facing forward, the overall composition can be […]

Bernini Sketch

If you don’t know who Gian Lorenzo Bernini is, you are probably not alone. However, you really should Google the man. He was an amazing artist from the early 17th century who created the most riveting marble sculptures. The sense of realism, emotion, and narration in his work is truly a joy to behold. This […]

Tolkein and Tiger

A reader enjoyed my drawing of “Tiger” so much that he turned it into a poster with the poem “Cat” by J.R.R. Tolkien! The poster was made for a certain feline named Felix that lives in Massachusetts. Thank you Karl for sharing your work, I hope you continue to enjoy and find inspiration from my […]

New Logo

My new logo arrived yesterday! Look at the top of this blog to see the new image in action. The flash drive it came on is pretty great too!

Muscle Sketch

What does an artist do when they need to relax? Sketch muscles of course! Luckily, these days there are many resources that provide images of the muscular system. Leonardo da Vinci had to resort to grave robbing to study human anatomy.

Sneak Peek

Hmmmmm, rough skin and chunky blue hair. Obviously I have a little more work to do…..

"Tangled" is snagged as a Finalist

"Tangled" is snagged as a Finalist

“Tangled” was selected as a finalist in the Art Scene Today competition – Stranger in a Strange Place. Yipee! This was a very fun and challenging project; a little different from my usual style. The drawing will be shown in their online Exhibition Page and included in their Exhibition Catalogue. You can see all the […]

Monster and Tank

Monster and Tank

The portrait of Monster and Tank is a wedding anniversary present. Monster (the cat) and Tank (the dog) are busy bodies, so getting them both in the same photo was not a possibility. Instead, several seperate pictures were used to create this single composition. Monster is the more aggressive of  the two, which is why he […]