Sketch of a Ballerina

After looking through some breathtaking paintings of ballerinas by Guan ZeJu, I decided to do a quick sketch of a dancer. This drawing was completed in one evening. But the amazingly realistic and delicate paintings by Zeju demand far more time and focus. Art is a fantastic means of portraying an idea and touching lives, despite […]



Jack is a rag doll cat, known to be a playful fellow always on the move. While this can be entertaining, his constant motion can be frustrating when trying to capture an image of his entire body. Rather than attempt to draw his whole figure, I focused on his upper torso and face. Luckily, Jack […]

Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek for one of my current projects. I love being so busy this time of year, completing presents and projects for everyone!

Stippling of Hands

Last night there were numerous children out collecting candy for Halloween. What I noticed most was how the youngest were always holding the hand of an adult. Usually I draw faces; however hands and gestures can be equally expressive. Tiny Handprints Author Unknown Tiny handprints grow so fast  Their awkward groping soon will clasp  A […]

Happy Halloween!

Artists use an amazing array of materials to create their art. Gourds are no exception – especially pumpkins for Halloween! The idea of the Jack O’Lantern and pumpkin carving is derived from Irish folklore. The basis of the mythical stories center around an Irishman nicknamed Stingy Jack who played tricks on everyone, including the devil. […]

Ode to a Maulstick

Without the proper tools, creating a work of art can be a frustrating challenge. One of the worst situations for me is when my left hand (I am a south paw), accidentally drags along the surface of my drawing. What usually follows are several minutes of erasing smudges and numerous inappropriate words. Luckily, there is […]

Sketch of Dancers

Dancers are the epitome of grace. And drawing a dancer in motion is the epitome of frustration. They are figures in almost constant motion and require an artist to look and draw quickly to capture their gesture and elegance. One famous artist who has a wide variety of dancers in his drawing portfolio is Henri […]

Charge it!

Charge it!

“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” Oscar Wilde In order to make monetary transactions easier for my commissions, I have decided to join this century and accept credit cards! After a lot of research and hemming and hawing, I finally selected a mobile card swipe. For many business-savvy people, […]

Who, me?

This drawing was a wonderful opportunity to play with texture. The variations in the cat’s fur and the rough red yarn were a joy to draw. Due to the amount of movement in the subject itself, I opted to keep the background fairly simple. Subtle shading and shadows under the yarn and behind the cat […]

Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peak of the current work in progress. This one has been a bit slow-going. When the weather turns cold and grey, inspiration can be a bit scarce. Luckily, there are numerous sources for motivation: the people in your life, the images captured in a typical day, and marvelous literature. Success by: Ralph […]