I Didn’t Plan on Opening an Art Studio Until…

I didn’t plan on opening a studio and starting a business. When I went to Florence, Italy to earn my Masters in Art History I planned on finding a job in an art gallery. I loved studying the old Renaissance artists and learning their drawing techniques. But I never imagined I would¬†this knowledge to sell […]

New Custom Drawing: Pencil Portrait of Grandchildren

This family portrait of nine grandchildren was such a joy to draw! Loved seeing their unique expressions come to life in this fun graphite pencil drawing. What a marvelous custom portrait and gift idea! The darker areas were built up with many layers of graphite pencil. However, I was very careful to keep markings light […]

Work in Progress: Preliminary Sketch of a Family Portrait

Next up on the drawing table – a custom portrait of nine grandchildren! When a customer places an order for a personalized drawing, I first create a preliminary sketch like this. It helps me work out the composition and allows my customer to review their order before I begin the final drawing. Pencil drawings can […]

TIME LAPSE VIDEO: Coloring In Dog Coloring Page

TIME TO COLOR! I love coloring in printable coloring pages! I can print a fresh page at home whenever I want and try new coloring techniques! That means relaxation and creativity are just a click away and let me stay comfy cozy on the couch! See ALL Printable Coloring Pages and Coloring Books at ArtistryByLisaMarie.Etsy.Com

Fun Coloring Video! Coloring Page of a Cat

Loving this printable coloring page! Such a joy to layer all these colors on a puffy kitten! See the original coloring page HERE. Every printable coloring page from my studio is a hand-drawn work of art. No computer-generated images here! After each drawing is completed, it is listed on my Etsy shop as a JPEG […]

New Pencil Drawing: Angel Resting

This image is a collection of different images my customer sent over to me. The resting angel and the different elements in the room were all put together to create this composition. With a graphite pencil I slowly layered the shadows onto this drawing. This work by Artistry By Lisa Marie is licensed under a […]

Work in Progress: Sketch of an Angel Resting

WORK IN PROGRESS! I don’t normally get to draw entire rooms (my portraits usually focus on a single face). But this is a special custom order. My customer kindly sent separate images of what she loved and I put them all together in one setting. I had to move things around a bit to create […]

Throw Back Thursday: Pet Portraits ll Drawings I Love to Look At for Inspiration

This work by Artistry By Lisa Marie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Order your custom pencil portrait today! See sizes & Prices HERE. Email Me: You send a photo, I do the rest!

Behind the Scenes Access: Subscribe to My Studio Blog!

Not always on social media but want to stay up to date on the studio? Subscribe to my blog! In the comfort of your inbox, you can see quick studio news, special offers, peruse all the latest art and enjoy behind-the-scenes insights! For me, this blog is a way to stay in touch and reach […]

Fun with a Colorable Tote Bag! Personalized Accessories!

Make your accessories as unique as you! I am IN LOVE with colorable totes! You can enjoy the hand-drawn designs as-is OR color them in with your favorite fabric markers to make a truly unique bag!¬†This is a great gift for anyone who loves to color, needs to de-stress, wants a bag to put their […]