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It’s Really About You…

Want beautiful original art, unique mementos of your loved ones, and the perfect one-of-a-kind present for any occasion?

You deserve compelling works of art that will bring warmth and originality into your life. And giving lovely, captivating artwork to someone you cherish shows them that you care and share in their values.

Art should help you:

– Have a beautiful home/office/environment

– Elicit an emotional response

– Remember when…

– Show others you care

Then There’s Me…


If you want to see work I have done of animals, children, families and weddings there are galleries on this blog for your viewing pleasure. And recently, the studio has grown to include the art store Noses ‘N’ Poses!

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Beautiful Fine Art Portraits Now on Etsy from Artistry by Lisa Marie – 2/2015

Reflections, A Collection of Art – 10/2013

Other stuff about me…

Before settling in Rochester NY, I lived in:

Pescara, Italy / Florence, Italy / Raleigh, NC / Sedona, AZ

Shows where I (attempted to) strut my stuff:

8/2016 Hedonist Ice Cream Art Display

6/2015 Pittsford Library Art Display

5/2015 Brockport Artist Guild Show

2/2015 Lori’s Natural Food Local Art Appreciation Day

5/2014 Brockport Artist Guild Show

4/2014 Wet Noses Cute Poses: Art Show and Fundraiser

2/2014 Java Junction Art Show

10/2013 Judge for Miss Teen Rochester Show

10/2013 Image Out Juried Show

9/2013 Morgan Manning Fine Art Show

5/2013 Brockport Artist Guild Show

3/2013 Java Junction Art Show

2/2012 Different Path Gallery Art Show

My Book Learnin’:

B.S. Art History, Nazareth College, Rochester NY

M.A. Art History, Syracuse University, Florence Italy

Art Contests:

5/2013 “Contemporary Fine Art International Show” – Honorable Mention

4/2013 Art Labology “About Face”

8/2012 Art Scene Today Show “Stranger in a Strange Land” – Finalist

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2 Responses to “Artist Contact Information

  • Hi do you by chance do live sittings…my father wants to have a scetch done of him and his dog but we need someone to come to our home in kelseyville….thankyou Michelle

    • Hi Michelle, At present I only create portraits from photos. If you don’t have any pictures of your dad and his dog together, you can send separate pictures to me and I can put them together in a drawing. Please email any reference photo(s) to me at Let me know what size drawing you want we well. Thank you! -Lisa Marie

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