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Timeless Fine Art Created For Your Precious Memories! While earning my Master’s Degree in Florence, Italy, I spent years studying the enduring techniques of the Renaissance artists. When you order a distinctive portrait from my studio, you will receive an exquisite hand-drawn work of art created with the same methods used by some of the most esteemed artists in history.

Order your custom portrait today! See directions on how to order and the size/price chart below. Have questions? Email me ArtistrybyLisaMarie@hotmail.com  

WhyALM* If you would like more than 2 subjects in the same picture, please contact the artist for a price quote.

* Please note, commissioned portraits are on a first-come first-serve basis. Estimation of completion time is based on when the conversion from picture to drawing is begun – not when the order is placed.


Want to give a portrait as a present but you waited until the last minute? Order a Gift Certificate or Order Certificate today!

It’s easy, send me an email explaining how much you want on the card. I will email you an invoice for your order and mail out the gift certificate!


8 Responses to “Order a Custom Portrait

  • Trying to reach you to get a custom portrait done and ordered…

  • Want to do a nude sketch of myself for my bride of 21 yrs. Can you do it and how much would it cost?how os it done etc. ?

    • Hello Mike, I have done nude drawings before. However, please note the drawing/poses would be artistic, not lewd. All portraits are based on photos sent to me via email. Cost depends on the size of the drawing and if you want it in color or black and white. Please email me the details of what you are looking for at ArtistryByLisaMarie@hotmail.com so i may give you an accurate quote for your order. Thank you!

  • I would like a 11×14 pencil or pen and ink of my mini Shnauzer.

  • Hi , we have a new granddaughter would love a pencil drawing of a certain photo of her . Probably 16×20 . Anyway I can get it before Christmas? It will be a gift to her parents . Thanks .

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